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As I pulled into the environs of Asheville, I saw a homeless person standing on a corner, holding his proverbial cardboard sign. It read, "I'm dreaming of a cheeseburger." I've never seen a more innovative message from a floater. This man has dormant potential. Anyone that creative has the ability to turn things around. I hope he does.
Steve is one of the most energetic professionals I have had the pleasure to work with during his time as a Director with the Baldwinsville Chamber of Commerce. He continually thinks outside the box, consistently presenting innovative ideas and thoughts. One of Steve's finest attributes, in my opinion, is his incredible gift for public speaking. He is remarkably engaging, as well as fun to watch and hear! Paired with that is a sincere desire to listen and learn from and about his peers.

Executive Director, Chamber of Commerce - Baldwinsville, NY


Someone is looking to refine their management skills, or they are moving into management and need support in the areas of leadership, motivation, and team building. Most individuals with whom the executive works have a need to either maintain the status quo or to make changes that benefit themselves/their turf. This self-interest is understandable, yet may lead to a lack of objectivity in selecting the right course. The coach's only interest is your success.

What is Your End Game?
End Game Business

Steven V. Borek


End Game (noun) - "the final stage of an extended process or course of events"