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"They'll never change!" You've heard this or even said it to someone else. I'm in the *People * Can * Change * Business.* I see transformations happen all the time.
Steve was an excellent coach. His attitude was laid back, honestly interested in my success, and held me accountable every step of the way. His counsel helped me follow through on a paradigm change fostering personal growth & direction. As an individual with many options and talents, it can be hard to pursue a path that leads to genuine satisfaction within a career. Unhappy with where my choices had led me, Steve challenged me to not view my education & employment history as restrictions, but to seek out where I have naturally applied what I love to do within my previous endeavors. In addition, I felt that he really understood my situation and was able to give rational, accurate advice on how to help myself grow. Having Steve as a coach is an assurance to me that i will find my calling, as he found his in coaching others.

Gen Y Leader - Nashville, TN


I partner with people who want to develop a plan of action to achieve the ultimate vision for their personal and professional lives. I call this their End Game.

I typically work with successful people to achieve a positive long term change in behavior for themselves and their teams. They want to be role models in their particular industry.

My clients include Entrepreneurs, Executives, Salespeople, and Professionals that want much more for their businesses and relationships. Some are hugely successful already and want a coach to take them to the next level. Other folks are stuck, drifting, or simply tired of the same results, day after day after day.

I view my clients as unique individuals capable of doing great things. They are intelligent, inventive, and resourceful. Jointly we bring to the surface their talents/gifts and explore their potential. I then hold them accountable in living up to that potential.

Here are a few sample profiles of my clients:


Someone is looking to refine their management skills, or they are moving into management and need support in the areas of leadership, motivation, and team building. Most individuals with whom the executive works have a need to either maintain the status quo or to make changes that benefit themselves/their turf. This self-interest is understandable, yet may lead to a lack of objectivity in selecting the right course. The coach's only interest is your success.


Business owners feel isolated at the top and value a coach as a confidante. Someone without an agenda that will be 100% in their corner and tell them the truth. They are looking to build their dream business, the one they had in mind back when but for some reason the plan got off track. A coach will get you back on course and keep you there.

High Performing Teams

High Performing Teams
In the current workplace, we have a blend of generational differences on teams today; Traditional, Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y. Getting these individuals on the same page heading towards the same place is a real challenge. Right? Imagine for a moment your ideal team environment. What would it be like to see that come to life? How about setting and achieving not just Ordinary (Yawn) but Extraordinary (WOW) Goals in 16 weeks. I'm talking about measurable business goals; not just touchy feely team building. The End Game Business Team Advantage program delivers definitive results based on your requirements. More importantly, your team will actually have fun crossing the finish line.
What is Your End Game?
End Game Business

Steven V. Borek


End Game (noun) - "the final stage of an extended process or course of events"