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A coach helps you to get where you want to go, faster.
Steve Borek's approach gave me an immediate and accurate assessment of the things that blocked my way, and helped shine light on positive and productive steps to take me where I wanted to be. Thanks Steve.

President - Syracuse, NY

Team Development

Team Development

Team Advantage = Team + Game (plan) + Coaching

These three elements create a unique experience with ongoing coaching providing a missing link when compared to most team building programs. The coaching is the glue that holds it all together and its extremely powerful.

The Team Advantage process is focused on achieving business results within a defined time period. In addition, the team members can still carry out their existing duties while creating traction towards the Extraordinary Goal.

The Team moves through six key developmental stages in just 16 weeks.

There are four phases of the Team Advantage:

* the Pre-Game phase where the coach and team learn about each other and set the stage for the process;

* the Kick-Off Workshop which is an off-site meeting where the team charter and game plan are created;

* the Coaching phase which includes 12 conference calls over 16 weeks; and

* the Celebration phase where the team builds on momentum created by the program.


"I used this process to assimilate quickly with a senior sales team I'd inherited in my first management role. Because of the seniority and visibility of the team, there was a tendency to make our extraordinary goal complex. We started our game but it was difficult to score points based on how we had written our goals, so we huddled and simplified our game plan. That one shift set the stage for a big win, sending an unprecedented number of our reps to the company's "Winner's Circle" awards trip."

Stacey, Director of Operations, Pharmaceutical Industry

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