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Yes, I have a coach. Surprised? Don't be. All good coaches have their own coach. They get me to where I want to go, quicker.
Steve has help me be committed to get better.
In the time that we've spent together, it's given me an internal tool set to help the other person I'm talking to. Steve gets Gen Y'rs. We care about larger goals that help others. We want to change the world for the better, not just to have better things. I want to create an impossible future by shaking industries, communities, cultures, and the world. Steve helps me to believe I can create an impossible future.

Gen Y Entrepreneur IT Professional - Greater Boston Area


End  Game (noun) - "the final stage of an extended process or course of events" 

Why clients hire me:

  • You're in transition and looking for a high definition picture of what's next.
  • You want to be known as a leader, who followers want to follow.
  • You're Generation Y (mid 20's to early 30's) and want to do big things.
  • You want your high potentials to act vs. waiting for direction.
  • You want your customers to say they'd be crazy to do business with anyone but you.
  • You're a business owner that's tired of long hours and wants to spend more time with their family. 
  • You've tasted success and are saying "Now what?" You want to be known for a much greater cause.


 What are the benefits of having a Strategic Thinking Partner?

  • Establish and take action in achieving your goals Quicker
  • Have an objective listener with no agenda providing feedback & support
  • Create strategies and action plans on a weekly basis
  • Take greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments
  • Hire the right people the first time
  • Have someone in your corner who can see the forest through the trees






"Coaching is product development, and YOU are the product." 

 Fast Company






What is Your End Game?
End Game Business

Steven V. Borek


Coach Line: 315.849.1057

P.O. Box 271
Baldwinsville, NY 13027
End Game (noun) - "the final stage of an extended process or course of events"